Working at Height and Occupational Safety Trainings

Working at Height and Occupational Safety Trainings

MORE ENERJİ; gives trainings on Working at Height and Occupational Safety for those working in high structures in the energy sector, construction companies, telecommunication companies, petroleum and petrochemical plants.
Workers of construction companies, employees of telecommunication companies that install base stations and pole constructions, employees in wind turbines, in the energy sector, hydroelectric power plants, natural gas conversion plants, oil and petrochemical plants, cleaning companies working in high buildings, such as cleaning workers working in high buildings are required to take Working at Height and Occupational Safety Trainings by using the work safety equipment.
Our trainings are given in two different levels according to the needs of the sector.

Our trainings consist of 2 levels.

Level 1- Working at Height Basic Training. / Level 2- Working at Height Supervisory Training


- Height Concept
- Fall Factor
- Suspension Trauma
- Legal Occupational Safety Rules and Standards
- Working at Height and Hazards
- Risk Assessment
- Basic Principles of Safety
- Safety Points (Anchor points)
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Vertical and Horizontal Lifelines
- Fall Arrest Systems
- Safe Working Points (Positioning)


- PPE selection, examination and putting them on
- Use of retractable fall arrester (yoyo)
- Climbing with lanyard
- Working on horizontal lifeline
- Working on vertical lifeline
- Usage of the emergency escape device
- Rescue of the wounded
- Movable Anchor Points
- Positioning
- Mobile Lifelines


- Crisis management
- Decision making
- Advanced risk assessment
- Toolbox meeting
- Leadership
- Personal protective equipment / Equipment Inspection, Maintenance and Preservation Methods
- Suspension Trauma and Wound Management
- Advanced rescue scenarios
* Level 1 training must be completed successfully to receive this training.

Our Trainers

Our Training Facility is located in Menderes / İzmir.

- Our trainers consist of people working actively in the field and transferring their knowledge and experience to our trainees.
-Our center has the Working at Height and Rescue Training certificates issued by the GWO(Global Wind Organization),
-Furthermore, it also possesses the Occupational Safety Specialist certificates verified by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Education Language

Our trainings are in Turkish, but could also be arranged in English, Russian, Greek, German and French upon request.


The trainees completing the training shall be issued a certificate of participation approved by our trainers and occupational safety specialists.

Our Training Center

Trainings are given in our specifically simulated indoor training facility with its 500 m² closed area and 12 m ceiling height. We offer lunch, refreshment and snacks between the classes. PPEs and escape-rescue equipment are provided by More Enerji during the trainings.

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