In-Tower Equipment Checks and Repairs

For the safety of wind turbines and the employees, it is necessary to check the transport and lifting equipment, hoist / block stops, ladders, fall arrest systems, anchor points, lifelines, rescue sets, first aid bags and fire extinguishers regularly every year.

Failure to use these equipment in an emergency situation directly affects the employee's life.

In order to prevent possible work accidents in the turbines, equipment mentioned below must be inspected by authorized and certified specialists.

Annual Maintenances
Visual and Measured Checks
Weight Tests
Rope and Chain Changes
Lift Reinforcements
Equipment Changes
Fall Arrest System Repairs

Blade Checks and Repairs

Cleaning of the Inside / Outside of the Tower

• Cleaning of Nacelle
• Cleaning inside of the tower
• Cleaning outside of the tower
• Painting and jacketing of the outside of the tower
• Cleaning of the blades

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